W2O’s Advocacy Committee works to mobilize W2O members and the public to take action in support of ocean management and conservation policies that protect and preserve the health of our ocean. We aim to advance W2O’s advocacy campaigns in our priority areas of North Atlantic Right Whale Conservation, Plastic Pollution in Our Oceans, and Protecting Special Places in the Sea.  Actions may include: outreach to elected officials, resource managers and stakeholders; attendance at public hearings; and drafting letters and organizing letter writing campaigns to support our objectives. We also plan advocacy trips to Washington, DC to meet with our elected representatives.  The committee meets quarterly or more as needed.  We are looking for individuals who are enthusiastic and passionate advocates for our oceans. Experience in environmental campaigning, political organizing, and social media posting/writing would be helpful. For more information about this committee, please contact Priscilla Brooks or Barbara Burgess.


W2O Communications aims to promote the goals and work of our organization. We rely on social media, our email database, our website and other platforms to engage members, support organizational programming, partner with other environmental organizations and outreach our initiatives. We advertise W2O events in a timely manner that encourages attendance from our member base and wider audience, as appropriate. We share rigorous research science from credible sources to inform and support our advocacy goals on the state of our ocean. We promote ways to incorporate ocean conscious decision making into daily actions. We lift up the work of local communities, particularly women, to defend and protect our blue planet. The Communications Committee meets bi-monthly and communicates regularly to stay connected on ocean issues. For more information on this committee, please contact Anne Peacher.


The W2O Events Committee organizes, plans, and executes events that support the mission of W2O. Events are designed to promote education and social interaction among members and gain new members for W2O. The entire events committee meets quarterly to discuss the events calendar. Individual event committees meet more frequently to discuss and work on each event. Smaller events are held monthly from September through April. Two larger events – a kickoff event in September and W2O’s annual luncheon in May – are held annually. Events are hosted at individual homes or local venues in Boston and the surrounding suburbs. We are looking for individuals who enjoy planning, creating and executing fun events, and will get involved in supporting the events themselves. For more information on the Events Committee contact Dianne Brown.


The Finance Committee tracks and analyzes W2O’s financial data. We work closely with the Finance Department of the New England Aquarium to ensure that W2O remains financially strong. Finance approves expenditures, coordinates reimbursements, and tracks committee spending. An annual budget, which includes input from all committees, is prepared in conjunction with the New England Aquarium. Other finance committee activities can include: corporate sponsorships; annual reports; contracts and strategic initiatives for W2O. For more information on the Finance Committee contact Dianne Brown.


The role of the W2O Membership Committee is to add new members to the organization and to engage current members so they will renew their memberships on an annual basis.  Membership Committee volunteers are needed to sign up and renew memberships at all events. Any database management skills are particularly valuable to this committee on an on-going basis. We meet on as ad hoc basis (no more than 4 times per year) – usually before upcoming events. For more information about this committee please contact Sheila Burkus or Pat Chory.


The Merchandise Committee procures and sells a number of sustainable, ocean-related items for purchase on our website and at events. The committee meets ad hoc and can use assistance from members with managing and selling inventory at our events. To find out more about the Merchandise Committee contact Mary Alice Karol or Pat Chory.

Young Professionals of W2O

The Young Professionals of W2O provide a platform to encourage involvement of a broad group of young people in W2O’s mission. Under the umbrella of the W2O mission statement, the events and outreach of the Young Professionals group cultivate a space to educate, encourage, and energize the next generation of ocean stewards. Our planning committee creates programming on the main themes of W2O in a way that is conducive to and congruent with the scheduling, financial, and thematic restraints of the young professional. We aim to create an inclusive space to discuss marine environmental issues in an intersectional and exciting manner. Events are open to all ages, all genders- only geared towards young professionals! For more information on getting involved with this group contact Emily Conklin.