W2O’s Simple Tricks; Grocery to Fridge with No Plastic

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One of our W2O members recently enjoyed the guide I linked to on a previous post that helped decipher how to store vegetables without using plastic bags and wrap. She was intrigued at the idea of not using the plastic to store in the fridge but was still confused about how to transport the local produce and non packaged veggies home from the market. So, intern Phoebe and I decided to go on a shopping outing to see if we could give you a pictorial version of some simple tricks for avoiding single use plastic from the supermarket to your fridge.

Plastic is everywhere. If you are in tune to that fact, you will be overwhelmed with the amount in our supermarkets.  Even the organic markets and the Whole Foods of the world are struggling with how to avoid plastic packaging. Sometimes, even with best intentions, you can’t avoid it. Yogurts, breads, meats, some pastas, rice..well the list goes on-plastic is all around us.  Sometimes you have to just do the best you can. Here are some practical ideas that you can try to reduce the amount of plastic you take home.


  • Don’t be afraid of “the belt.”  Produce changes hands many times and lands on several surfaces before making it to your home. No need to wrap that tiny pepper (or lettuce or whatever) in a huge plastic bag, just make sure you wash your produce well before you use it.DSCN3795  
  • Pepper on the belthot pepper on the belt





  •  Choose local fruits and veggies and not wrapped in plastic.  Sometimes I know this is impossible, but if you look around you will find the corn in season to husk at home and the carrots that are not in the plastic wrap. Farmers markets are more and more popular but when they disappear in the off seasons, buying is more challenging.
  • Avoid those little container and opt for a larger one that you can spoon into a reusable lidded bowl. Bring a non plastic spoon to work!
    Phoebe weighing the choices.

    Phoebe weighing the choices.


No Thanks!

No Thanks!

Yes, Please!

Yes, Please!







  • Of course, carry your own bags, but for the bulky bigger stuff, just throw it in the carriage and then in the back of the car.  I keep an old milk carton in my trunk to contain bulk items like cereal and cleaning products.
  • Store produce in a damp towel (the guide above will help you) or buy a reusable produce bag.
  • Invest in a set of UFO or similar brand covers that are air tight, microwave safe silicon.Loading the carUFO on carrots
  • And finally remember, you probably won’t avoid plastic completely.  Even the smallest efforts will increase your awareness. Good for your health and good for our beautiful oceans.DSCN3802DSCN3803

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