Rays. A Beautiful Species Worth Our Protection

W2O loves our partners and friends at The New England Aquarium because it supports and funds research that protects what we love. Come to Aquarium for a free evening event July 17th at the Imax Theater Aquarium and learn about how the New England Aquariums’s Marine Conservation Action Fund helped Daniel Fernando on his quest to protect the majestic Manta Ray.

Underwater Flight: Protecting the Manta Rays of Sri Lanka

Daniel Fernando, project leader, Manta Trust – Sri Lanka
With widths reaching more than 20 feet from wingtip to wingtip, and weighing in at up to 2 tons, the graceful and mysterious manta is the largest of the ray species. Sadly, manta rays and their relatives, the mobula rays, are threatened by overfishing due to a growing demand for their gills for use in traditional Chinese medicine. Daniel Fernando, a scientist with the Manta Trust, has been documenting the grave impact of this fishery in Sri Lanka and India, which are among the world’s major exporters of dried manta and mobula gills. Fernando’s study, which was supported in part by the Aquarium’s Marine Conservation Action Fund, contributed to a major victory for manta and mobula rays in March, 2013, when the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) voted to strengthen trade regulations for these species. Fernando will speak about his research and the race to ensure the survival of these magnificent and highly vulnerable species. Register here.


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