Listening to Mother Nature

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Taxis under waterA USA Today article by Tom King, CEO of National Grid and Jeff Sterba, CEO of American Water, highlights a new study from the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions that asks business to think about investing now to protect customers from high costs related to Climate related damage to infrastructure by becoming “extreme weather resilient.”  We all know that cost to companies ends up as cost to the customer.  Are companies and communities listening to Mother Nature?  “The report found that 55 of the Standard & Poor’s Global 100 companies have already experienced the effects of extreme weather or expect to within the next five years. Condemned factories, loss of power and water supplies, rising insurance and raw material costs, and disruption of supply and distribution chains, are just a few of the many brutal business realities.” Preparedness, updated systems and thoughtful choices today could save millions (or billions!) in the future.


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