November Board Member Profile-Claire Callewaert

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Claire moved to M.A. from the UK with her husband and three boys in 2011. She says she loved the “energy of New England.” She was invited to the our very first W2O event with National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry and loved his inspirational images of our majestic oceans. She then attended Plastic Pollution Coalition founder Dianna Cohen’s “Plastic in the Oceans, Plastic in You” presentation which she found “shocking”.  Claires experiences in the UK regarding the usage of plastic bags is quite different than what she has found here in M.A. “There are only four or five big store chains capturing 90% of the grocery market.  They are influenced by government policy and public opinion and have embarked on a campaign to discourage usage of plastic grocery bags by making them a visible eyesore of bright orange.  Famous designers like Anya Hindmarsh helped promote the image of the reusable bag as a fashion accessory  making it chic to carry to the grocery store.”  Claire agrees that you can’t change peoples habits over night but that bringing attention to the issue and encouraging small steps towards the refusal of single use plastic can help.  She loves that her boys have learned so much at school about conservation…and about fish.


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