Be Gobsmacked

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Gobsmacked is a word that Australians and Brits use when they need a combo of amazed, indignant and flummox.  It is a great word and the only word to describe what I felt when a M.A. State Rep shared comments from a constituent regarding her efforts to curb harmful pollution. It reminded me that we have a long road ahead of us and that disseminating accurate information backed my science is so important for spreading the word about the critical issue of pollution effecting our planet and our health.

Here is the note sent to the State Rep. BE GOBSMACKED:

“Really, are you kidding me? You must really have nothing else better to do in our district. Show us some serious hard evidence how it’s harming the environment? It takes more energy and electricity to produce a paper cup than it does a Styrofoam one. Perhaps you should do some research first before wasting the tax payers time and money proposing absolute non sense.”


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