Bud Ris guest blogs about October 23rd “Roadside Assistance” event

By October 16, 2012 In the News, W2O Blog
Bud Ris

Bud Ris, President and CEO of The New England Aquarium

Women gathering to talk about cars?  A novel idea that is the focal point of the upcoming “Roadside Assistance” event sponsored by W2O,  but not surprising, since women increasingly are making the decisions about what kind of vehicles to buy for their families.  This event will “connect the dots” between climate change, the oceans, and the choices people make every day about buying cars and trucks. I look forward to outlining the ways in which the oceans and marine life are being impacted by climate change, how humans will be affected, and why personal decisions about cars and trucks are so important.  That will set the stage for a conversation with the other panelists about “green” cars:  What are the choices out there? What do consumers look for when buying a new car? Do they work? Are they safe?  It should be a very informative discussion – something that can provide a lot of hope for the future.

See you on the 23rd!   (And by the way, men are welcome to attend also.)




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