Plastic Ocean Pollution

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With Dianna Cohen scheduled as the featured speaker for our spring event on April 10th, I’ve been doing some background reading on plastic pollution.  While this article isn’t new, it is a good summary of some of the issues.  Stayed tuned for photographs coming later this week!

Plastic Breaks Down in Ocean, After All — And FastThough ocean-borne plastic trash has a reputation as an indestructible, immortal environmental villain, scientists announced yesterday that some plastics actually decompose rapidly in the ocean. And, the researchers say, that’s not a good thing. The team’s new study is the first to show that degrading plastics are leaching potentially toxic chemicals such as bisphenol A into the seas, possibly threatening ocean animals, and us.

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Greetings W2O Friends!

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We hope you and your husband or partner can join us for a special Valentine’s Day Dinner.  Space is very limited so please send off your checks to W2O as soon as possible.  (See the attached Save the Date!)
On April 10, 2012 at 11:30 AM at the New England Aquarium’s IMAX Theatre Dianna Cohen from Plastics Pollution Coalition ( will be speaking about plastics in the oceans and our lives.  This presentation is not to be missed — Dianna is AMAZING and what she has to tell you is important for our children and our planet!
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