Photo: Brian Skerry

Photo: Brian Skerry

The exquisite kelp forest, steep ridges, and deep basins of Cashes Ledge create a unique and vibrant habitat for species both common and rare to thrive. This mix of biodiversity and largely undisturbed habitat also makes Cashes Ledge an ideal open-sea laboratory for scientists to learn about the health of New England’s ocean~Conservation Law Foundation

This place is not a fantasy, but exists today only 80 miles east of Boston in the Gulf of Maine as an extension of the mountain range of Acadia National Park.  It is part of our Atlantic Treasures, a fragile place being considered for marine protection through designation as a National Monument.

“I spent a lot of time flying aerial surveys over this area,” says Scott Kraus, Ph.D.,the Aquarium’s vice president of research and one of the leading experts on the highly endangered North Atlantic right whale. “One day, we encountered a multi-species aggregation of dolphins and whales that extended along the shelf edge for nearly 10 miles. There must have been 10,000 animals, and it looked like the equivalent of the Serengeti in Africa—only instead of wildebeest, giraffes, antelope and lions it was grampus, pilot whales, striped, spotted and common dolphins and sperm whales.”  Dr. Kraus and his community of colleagues have written an assessment of the area which speaks to the science of why this area is important to protect.

Cashes Ledge is under threat as waters warm globally. The Gulf of Maine is warming at a rate faster than 99% of other areas worldwide. Some ocean animals have started to show signs of stress from habitat changes as they search for cooler waters. A movement to permanently protect Cashes Ledge through designation as a National Monument needs your support today.

Please join us in protecting this New England and Atlantic treasure. Sign the petition here and urge your congressmen and senators to voice their support in protecting Cashes Ledge.

Kelp Forest and Red Cod at Cashes Ledge; 70-miles off the coast of Maine. Photo: Brian Skerry

Red Cod at Cashes Ledge; 70-miles off the coast of Maine. Photo: Brian Skerry

Marine life on Cashes Ledge

Marine life on Cashes Ledge Photo: Brian Skerry