Based at the New England Aquarium for over fifteen years, Heather was responsible for overseeing all programs and staff for the Conservation Department including the strategic growth and fundraising. She lead the Aquarium’s sustainable seafood programs and acted as a senior sustainability advisor in all corporate partnerships and engaged directly on specific platform strategies to advance corporate activity in this arena. She was also the senior director of the Phoenix Islands Protected Area initiative, Marine Conservation Action Fund, international scientific expeditions and policy initiatives and the World of Water (WOW) conservation film series.

Heather has a Master’s degree in International Relations and Resource and Environmental Management degree from Boston University and a Bachelor in Environmental Studies from University of California at Santa Barbara. She currently serves on the Advisory Boards for the Food Marketing Institute’s Sustainable Seafood Committee, University of Massachusetts’ Center for Large Pelagics Research and EcoFish/Henry and Lisa’s Natural Seafood (the nation’s first supplier and marketer of seafood exclusively from environmentally responsible sources).

Heather serves on the Executive Committee of W2O.