Anne Peacher is a lifelong ocean lover, mother of three, community volunteer, swimmer and explorer of natural beauty in Boston and beyond.

She and her husband Steve are longtime supporters of the New England Aquarium. Anne remembers pushing all three of her kids in strollers around the Giant Ocean Tank.  Years later, one of her teenagers had the chance to scuba dive in the Great Ocean Tank as part of an Aquarium education program.  Anne views W2O as a natural extension of the Aquarium to help spread the word on how to protect our oceans. W2O’s programming taught her the importance of reducing plastic waste, driving fuel efficient cars, and lowering energy use. Anne has worked to eliminate her town’s schools of single use plastics.  She just earned her Master’s degree in Organizational and Professional Communication at Regis College, she joins W2O’s board of directors and wants to put those skills to use with educational programs and social action.  A graduate of Tufts University and former news producer at Boston’s Channel 4, Anne has lived in the Boston area for more than 30 years.IMG_7173