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W2O Angel retreat from HeatherWomen Working for Oceans, in partnership with the renowned New England Aquarium, works to inform individuals about the challenges facing our oceans inspiring them to connect with their communities to take action to ensure a healthy, sustainable blue planet for tomorrow.

Thank you for your encouragement, spirit and support! We all want to protect what we love. We depend on the ocean for our food, economic security and even the oxygen we breathe. The ocean is the heart of our planet.  “Now is the time to act to save our oceans,” says Barbara Burgess in W2O’s OUR STORY video.

Our journey together is just beginning! Onward!

Barbara Burgess and Donna Hazard-Founders of Women Working for Oceans

Barbara Burgess and Donna Hazard-Founders of Women Working for Oceans

Founder and Chair of W2O, Barbara Burgess’ deep admiration for everything “Ocean” began early while racing small boats on lakes in the Midwest. With her Dad she sailed the magical islands of Maine and her ocean passion grew deeper. After attending the Williams College Mystic Seaport Maritime Studies Program she graduated from the University of Vermont with a BS in Education and Environmental Studies. From working as a deckhand onboard a schooner to teaching for both Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum and Mystic Marinelife Aquarium her determination to educate people about the sea continues to evolve. As a trustee of Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences and the New England Aquarium, she juggles protecting the oceans with raising five children with her husband, Bill, in Weston, MA.

Co-Founder Donna Hazard, passionate conservationist and student, holds an AB in Biology and Science in Human Affairs from Princeton and an MBA from Harvard. Currently a master’s candidate in Harvard Extension School’s Sustainability and Environmental Management Program, she is steadfast in her mission to protect our oceans and lends her expertise in the fields of consulting, marketing, business development and philanthropy. She is Chair of the Board of Trustees of the New England Aquarium and lives in Weston, MA with her husband and four children.